Car ownership and previous owners

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Owners data via CarVeto and DVLA

There are thousands of queries relating to a cars ownership and this number has spiked over the last few years ever since DVLA ceased the inclusion of the previous owner on the V5C registration document (otherwise known as the V5C log book).

In Mid 2018, DVLA made this historic change to car documentation.

You may be wanting the contact information of your cars last owner. Good reasons include:

CarVeto offers the nearest data for car ownership. The car ownership data includes information like:

Plus, there is a unique MOT advisory and MOT history check report that clearly outlines tests, dates and advisory items that are not readily available in the public domain without the V5C logbook number of MOT test numbers. 

This brief car ownership video explains what's included with every car previous owners check  from CarVeto

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