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Car Write-Offs

Insurance category written-off cars and depleted values

Did you know that you may still be able to buy a car that has been written off? Today, if you are making an informed decision and fully understand its safety and value, quality, and reliability. To safeguard your investment run a free car check and get understand the car history before you buy. 

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Here are the car categories and classifications of car write offs that you’ll need to know:

·        Category A: includes vehicles with extensive damage that caused irreparable damage with no to little hope of salvaging parts
·        Category B: includes vehicles with irreparable damage, but with salvageable parts
·        Category S and N: includes vehicles in which the vehicle can be repaired, but the cost of repairs would exceed its overall value

Please be aware that before October 1, 2017, categories S and N were known as categories C and D.

It’s important to know that insurance companies do not want to repair cars in categories S and N. This is because repairs are possible, but the insurance company has decided it is more cost effective to replace them. However, you may still purchase cars in either of these categories.

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The Big Difference Between Categories N and S

While cars in either MIAFTR (MOTOR INSURANCE ANTI-FRAUD THEFT REGISTER) category can be repaired and put back on the road, there is one major difference you’ll want to consider before doing this. Cars in category S have had structural damage to their frame. (This damage could be anywhere, including the chassis.)  Cars in category N had not had structural damage to their frames.

Cars in categories S and N often land in salvage yards where a third party will purchase them, make repairs, and list them for sale.

Purchasing Cars in Categories S and N

As long as the car has undergone all the necessary repairs and has received Autoalign certification, it is legal to purchase them. Their value is usually much lower than a comparative car that hasn’t been classified as S or N. While this means you may be able to get the car at a good price now, you will likely have trouble selling it in the future. Have a look at a vehicle history check for factual information on car background. A good service includes finance, write off status, theft and mileage checks. See this free hpi check video for more information about this type service. 

On a final note, you should know that not all insurance companies will insure a category S or N car. You will need to check with individual companies beforehand. You’ll also want to do a thorough online check to make sure all information about the car checks out.

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