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All UK vehicles on this road must have road tax, otherwise known as road fund license. Permits can be obtained for all vehicles via the .gov website

Road tax status

You can check if a car is taxed, MOT'd or insured with a free car check from CarVeto. Useful data includes import, vehicle information and car insurance group/status.

How to get road tax

Tax your motorcycle, car, lorry or other vehicle type by using reference number from one of these vehicle documents:

Payment is made with a valid credit or debit card, or monthly via bank Direct Debit.

Exceptions and getting road tax

You may qualify for road tax exemption i.e. if disabled or the vehicle is over a certain age. Use this link to learn about exemptions

Changing vehicle taxation class

This occurs when the previous car owner was disabled or if you are disabled and have just bought the vehicle. It is a very important step. Get all the information via .gov.

Other ways to apply for car tax

DVLA contact information
DVLA vehicle taxation
Call: 0300 123 4321

Post office
Most local post offices deal with car tax. Here is what you'll need:

Without either of these you must apply for a new V5C logbook via the DVLA V62 form (use link for full article). 
If this is the case for you, you need to register your car with DVLA as SORN until you get a new logbook from DVLA. Here's a useful guide on how to SORN my car

If your vehicle is over 3 years of age, you'll need a current MOT certificate too. You can't tax a car without it. 
Note, MOT data can take a few days to update on the government database. So, there is a minor chance you can't tax your car via this method. 

Car tax explainer

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