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In Great Britain, the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) is responsible for registering and licensing drivers, as well as collecting and enforcing the VED (vehicle excise duty).

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The DVLA offers a wide range of services for all motorists throughout the UK. This includes services relating to your driving license, such as:

In addition, motorists can use the DVLA website to:

Services pertaining to vehicles that are offered by the DVLA check include:

Information of Licensing, Vehicles, Road Safety, and Instructor Training
The DVLA also offers extensive information for UK motorists on all topics related to licensing, vehicles, vehicle rules, and safety. Additionally, it provides details on how to become a driving, fleet driver, large goods vehicle, and motorcycle instructor.

DVLA Forms and Needed Supporting Documentation
In addition, the DVLA website allows motorists to easily access any forms that may need to be completed prior to accessing any of their offered services. The website also lists any supporting information that will also be needed, such as a valid insurance certificate.

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