What's an HPI Check?

The hpi check

Myths of a car checking service

Hpi check was founded in 1938 and are the longest standing car history checking service in the UK. 

What does Hpi mean? It is an acronym meaning HirePurchase Investigation (internal link).

But hpicheck is a brand and not a standard vehicle history check.

Is there a free hpi check for drivers?

No, they don’t offer any type of free service. Hpi provides three paid products ranging for £9.99 necessary checks to a full car check as £19.99. There is a multiple purchase product at £29.97 for three tests.

defining an hpi check for motorists
Bought a car with the help of hpi

What do you get in each car check?

Let’s focus on the full check at £19.99 as it is the one you’ll need if you are buying a used car. It includes finance data, write off checks, stolen car checks and National Mileage Register (NMR) history.

These four checks make the most difference when buying. If your hpi car check shows any issues related to these investigations, ensure you look deeper into vehicle history as you may lose money.

Other checks carried out include number plate changes, colour changes, mot and tax history and import or export history. These data points are less likely to determine if the car is a good buy or not. But, they remain essential and should be looked into should your check from hpi show up concerns.

Free check services

Here are some vehicle data check firms that provide a free, initial check. My car check, CarVeto, Total car check. Prices range from £1.99 to £14.99, excluding multibuys.

Other providers not yet mentioned include

RAC passport, AA car check (this is an affiliation programme with hpi check), Autotrader vehicle check.

Prices are like the aforementioned and range from £10 to £20.

Of all providers, CarVeto is the only one to offer a comprehensive, used car buying guide with each full check (Platinum). This product is £12.50 and prices 40% cheaper than hpi’s, and we include our car buyers guide for each customer.

We also have industry-leading customer service and rely on almost 30-years of direct used automotive experience.

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